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Despite the social challenges that a mamzer faces, he is recognized as a full member of the Jewish nation and able to achieve spiritual greatness.
You can also halt (hold) a shmues or even chap (catch) a shmues with them.
But how about men immersing regularly in a mikvah? There are two primary reasons why, even nowadays, many men immerse.
All humor aside, Jewish communities have historically done the honorable work of accommodating and supporting schnorrers with dignity.
The name is based on the verse in Psalms, “Bind [the] festival [offering] with cords to the corners of the altar.”
The Midrash connects the seven days of Passover to the seven days of the week. But, why?
Why isn’t Moses part of the Haggadah’s Exodus narrative?
“On Yom Kippur, the synagogue was so stuffy, I was schvitzing buckets.”
Is the Afikoman supposed to be such a focus? What are we teaching our kids?