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Yashan and Chadash

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Yashan and Chadash: Chadash ("new") -- Grain that took root before Passover and is Biblically forbidden to be eaten until the 16th of Nissan. Yashan ("old") -- The same grain, after the 16th of Nissan, now permissible.
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SECTION 489 The Order of the Prayers on the Second Night of Pesach; the Counting of the Omer (1-30) 1 It is a positive Scriptural commandment for every Jew to count the days of seven weeks Menachos 65b. Sefer HaMitzvos (positive commandment 161) and Sefer...
קיצור שולחן ערוך - סימן קעב
1 It is written:Leviticus 23:14. "And bread, and roasted grain and fresh grainThe Chinuch says “carmel” is grain roasted in its stalks. you shall not eat until this very day" etc. This means that it is forbidden to eat of any of the five species [of grain...
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