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Physicality and Spirituality

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What do we desire deep, deep down in our nutty little souls? To aim a camera and take a picture of G‑d Himself
Sure, it's essential to a focus on your priorities. But life is fluid and full of curves–changes, stages, and junctures. Take spirituality and connecting to G‑d. I would call that a real "big rock"...
Part I: Radical Islam’s Goal of World Domination
As I watched this gripping video, my recurring thought was how a positive ideal could become absolutely evil if distorted from its proper context or taken to too extreme a measure.
We are living in the world of the screen. A world where reality is filtered, fiddled with, and finally repackaged as a product all its own.
As she comes to say goodbye, I tell her how I hate goodbyes. And I'm not alone. Parting is even hard on G‑d. So difficult, in fact, that He asks us to remain, just one more day.
This past week, on the 18th of Elul, we marked the birthdays of two pioneers who devoted their lives to campaigning against negative campaigning...
When I was younger, guys like Superman and Batman were my heroes. Their big muscles gripping their huge guns made boys my age want to emulate them. Not much has changed since...
I find the parallels between protecting ourselves emotionally and the guidelines for protecting oneself physically to be amazingly similar . . .
Plunging further into the mysteries of the universe, Rabbi Infinity reveals the secret of deep cosmic breathing as he teaches little Miri the fifth letter of the alefbet.
When I was young and living on the East Coast, near the Atlantic Ocean, I wanted to be a marine biologist. But then we moved to the Midwest. My dream ended before I even realized it had begun...
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