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Physicality and Spirituality

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On Grandparents Day, a chance to spin some wheels and raise funds for Jewish programs
Lawrence Rekblatt, 22, is getting ready to ride in a bike-a-thon to honor senior citizens. Organized through Chabad’s United Jewish Generations program in North Miami Beach, Fla., the ride will bring different generations together on Grandparents Day, whi...
TheJewishWoman.org continues to grow its audience, celebrating 10 years of articles and videos
Mother’s Day has come and gone, but for Cheri Cutler, it’s still very much on her mind. It was a tough one—much of it spent in quiet contemplation as she thought about her mother, Judith, who passed away last April. “I’m still processing it all,” she says...
For almost 20 years, Chabad Project Pride-Centre Lifeline has been helping area residents suffering from all types of addiction. It focuses on personal relationships and the root causes of unwanted behavior.
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