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Mordechai Lightstone

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Rabbi Mordechai Lightstone is the social media editor at and the creator of exceptional experiences for Jews in tech and digital media. He currently resides with his family in Brooklyn, New York, where he happily tweets between sips of coffee from his Chemex. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @Mottel
There is a historical connection between the Chabad movement and the Sephardic world.
New York mayor sought to inspire leadership based in kindness and compassion
The consummate gentleman politician, David N. Dinkins was dapper and self-effacing, possessing a gentility and humility all too rare in politics. As the 106th mayor of New York City—and the first African-American chief executive—Dinkins served in a time o...
Selling Chametz is an important and easy part of Passover prep
Are you ready for Passover? Between the copious amounts of matzah, kosher wine or grape juice, the cooking, the cleaning, the many steps of the Seder, the preparation for Passover can be overwhelming for many. There is, however, one important part of Pass...
Russian, Belarussian, and Ukrainian peasants were a source for beloved songs, sometimes with Hebrew or Yiddish added.
Rabbis from around the world hold marathon ‘farbrengen’
It was a Zoom call that was only supposed to last one day, yet as it nears three days of continuous conversation and celebration, it shows no sign of ending any time soon. In May, a popular New Zealand radio show attempted to host the world’s longest Zoom...
Chassidic Lessons from the Popular Game
The impostors work to sabotage and destroy what the crewmates do. Our job is to find them. Here's what it means to me.
Annual in-person event retools in the coronavirus era
For Spanish-speaking Jews, ongoing pandemic restrictions recently served as the impetus for a pan-Spanish gathering unprecedented in scope when more than 1,000 students from 70 communities in Argentina, Colombia, Spain, Israel, the United States, Panama, ...
Challenged city’s response to Crown Heights riots, brother Yankel's murder
Norman Rosenbaum, a fiery Orthodox Jew from Australia who roused the diverse New York Jewish community to confront the growing danger of anti-Semitism on its streets, shook up the political establishment, redrew priorities of the city’s electorate for dec...
The 99-year-old illustrator’s not-so-secret identity as creator of ‘the Shpy,’ hero to generations of children
When Al Jaffee finally put down his pencil last month at the age of 99, the venerable cartoonist could look back at an impressive body of work. One of MAD magazine’s “usual gang of idiots” and its longest-tenured contributor, Jaffee most notably created t...
A new app and fresh interface for Video’s 23,502 offerings (and counting)
When her children’s school was closed in Peoria, Ill., in light of the coronavirus pandemic, Jenny Kravetz, like so many parents around the world, was plunged headfirst into the new world of online education. Her two children, ages 11 and 14, started atte...
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