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Built with help from a local contractor, the top stands 25 feet tall and actually spins
After two weeks of sawing, hammering, painting and puttering, the children of the Chabad-Lubavitch Hebrew Academy Community School in Margate, Fla., stepped back to enjoy the towering sight of the world’s largest dreidel. Measuring a little more than 25 f...
Effort to top the dreidel world record draws crowd of 900 to Chanukah festivities
Guinness World Record to be smashed at Binghamton University
A whopping 2,000 people simultaneously twirl tops; plus, the tallest menorah in Israel
While menorah-lighting ceremonies in Dizengoff Square in downtown Tel Aviv have been a familiar Chanukah scene for the last 35 years, a thousand dreidels spinning simultaneously at nearby Rabin Square has been a rather new development. An enormous crowd o...
For the past decade, Chabad-Lubavitch of Greater Somerset County has erected an 18-foot-high dreidel near a busy intersection to celebrate the miracle of the Jewish people’s victory on Chanukah.
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