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What is Judaism's take on miracles?
The Midrash is replete with statements regarding fantastic miracles that will be commonplace during the Messianic Era. Are we to take these statements literally?
What is the Jewish standpoint on miracles? How important or unimportant is miraculous phenomena to the Jewish believer?
This is a story about G‑d miraculously saving us. If so, why do we leave Him out of the story?
When did G‑d stop talking to us or interacting with us, and why?
I don't mean the "miracle of childbirth" and "every sunrise is a miracle" -- I'm talking about splitting seas and voices-from-heaven kind of miracles. Why did the people of the Bible get all the special effects and we don't?
For millennia we were ridiculed for believing that the world began, cause and effect are not inherently linked, a whole is greater than the sum of its parts, the human psyche is multi-layered...
Miracles-the word itself is hazy. Just what is a miracle?Is it a world-shocking event? Or the act of human breathing
I was reading up about Rabbi Yisrael Baal Shem Tov, the founder of the Chassidic movement. It seems there were other rabbis called “Baal Shem.” But he was the only one called “Baal Shem Tov.” What is the distinction, and what does it even mean? Reply Let’...
Question: I have read a lot about the Rebbe and have heard much about him at my local Chabad Center. One area I'm interested in is his ability to know what one would ask before actually being asked. I've also read here and there that on occasion he gave b...
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