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Owing to its position at the edge of the Eastern Hemisphere, the Jewish community of Sydney, Australia, was the first in the world to celebrate this year’s completion of the daily study of Maimonides’ legal compendium known as the Mishneh Torah. Hosted by...
When a Jew learns Torah, it draws G-d's glory down into the world.
Artist’s Statement: Talmudic dispute in the Shtetl of Mezhirich
Artist’s Statement: In my painting, I convey the love of Torah study.
By Shoshannah Brombacher
Artist’s Statement: The best thing that could have happened to the Jewish people was receiving the Torah. It is our lifeline, our essence, our life.
By Reuven Meir Herrera
Artist's Statement: Jewish, chassidic, mystical art.
By Raiza Malka Gilbert
Artist's Statement: We read in Tanya that Torah study connects us to G-d with both an inner light (ohr penimi) and with an encompassing light (ohr makif).
In Colorado's Cheyenne Mountain, 300 people poured over Jewish texts in a relaxed atmosphere as part of the Chabad-Lubavitch Rohr JLI National Jewish Retreat.
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