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Reb Shabse arranged with the caretaker that when Yisrolik came to study at night, he should give him one small candle, which should burn not more than one hour
Whenever a human being is called upon to decide a matter of Torah law, we are faced with a paradox: how can the finite and error-prone human mind possibly determine what is G-d's will?
At a nearby table sat a man who would come every evening for an hour of study. Although his business consumed the bulk of his day, and his study skills were limited, he diligently pursued his nightly page of Talmud.
One day a rich and learned Jew came to one of the great European centers of Torah learning to search for a fitting match for his wise, pious and beautiful daughter.
To my right sat my friend Berl, and to my left my friend Zalman. Yossel sat in front of me. The melamed was tall, with stern eyes, but with a warm and loving smile.
The room fell utterly silent. All were caught in the thrall of the melody, a melody of yearning and resolve, of ascent and retreat...
I yearn to learn—to be Jewish not in name only, but as one who respects and fully embraces my religion and heritage with love and gratitude.
I knew that the Rebbe encouraged this practice, but I asked myself: “When the Rebbe says to recite Chitas, does he really mean me? Shouldn’t I first learn more and begin to study Tanya once I can better understand it?”
Reb Avraham was known to be a kind but a simple and almost illiterate Jew, barely able to follow the prayers or read Tehillim.
A Torah scholar was once traveling by ship together with many merchants, each transporting his wares. To while away the time, they took turns describing their goods and boasting of their business acumen. Finally they turned to the scholar, who had been bu...
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