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Adar 7

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What is the theme of Moses’ life—and of his birthday, the seventh of Adar? Moses is Torah. The entire Torah from beginning to end, even the new Torah insights revealed in subsequent generations, derive from what Moses received at Sinai. So the main thrust...
Part 1: Epic Transformation
The Talmud relates that Haman cast lots in order to decide which month to implement his evil plot against the Jews. When the lot fell out on the month of Adar he was overjoyed, for Moses, the Redeemer of Israel, passed away on the seventh of Adar. But Ham...
When Haman drew lots to choose a month to annihilate the Jews, he was thrilled when it fell on the month of Adar, since 7 Adar is the day of Moses’ passing. Little did Haman know that it was also the day of Moses’ birth, and a source of strength for the J...
Haman rejoiced greatly when his lottery to determine the date of the ‘Final Solution’ fell on Adar, considering it the most propitious omen possible, for it is the month that Moses died. However, there are far more sadder and calumnious months in the cale...
Something Spiritual on Parshat Tetzaveh and Adar
Decoding the hidden messages
The parsha of Tetzaveh contains 101 verses and the mnemonic is the name Michael. Explore the coded message in the mnemonic and its connection to the general themes of the Parshah and the day of Adar 7 (Moses’s birthday and yahrtzeit).
Life Lessons from Parshat Tetzaveh
The portion of Teztaveh coincides around the birthday and passing of Moses. The special qualities of Moses’ leadership enable us to discover our very own potential.
Parsha Tetzaveh
Moshe Rabbeinu's birthday and yahrzeit on the 7th of Adar always coincides with the reading of the Torah portion Tetzaveh, the one parshah where Moshe's name is glaringly omitted. Rabbi Dubinsky also speaks about the importance of following the daily stud...
Some melancholy people take issue with celebrating during the first month of Adar. Why argue with those joyless people? The Rema rules, “A cheerful person always celebrates.” If there was room for doubt, “always celebrate.”
The Rebbe addresses the Chasidim on the birthday and Yahrzeit of Moses, the first leader of the Jewish people.
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