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Reason and Supra-rationality

Knowledge Base » Concepts & Ideas » Reason and Supra-rationality
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I’m sure this cartoon will push some buttons, so take it away...
And if they don't, how are we supposed to know what to do?
If everything does have to make sense, what’s the criteria for making sense? And if some things don’t have to make sense, how’s human being supposed to know what’s right and what’s wrong?
..and neither are the people that celebrate it
Purim is nuts. A rational person cannot celebrate Purim, nor can those who believe they know who they are. Because the joy of PurimA rational person cannot celebrate Purim. means leaving all reason and sense of self behind. Purim is the ultimate joy, and ...
A Transcendence of the Mind
Reb Shmuel Munkis was the Alter Rebbe’s jester. Unlike King Lear’s fool, he was not the wisest man in the court. But at least he was the second wisest. After a long farbrengen in Liozna where Chassidim stoked their souls with flammable spirits, fanned the...
A Fresh Rendering of Chapter Five of the Classic Maamar, Basi L'Gani
A fresh, very readable adaptation of chapter five of the classic maamar, Basi LeGani.
And can we live without them?
Hi, my name is Rabbi Tzvi Freeman. I am the person your professor warned you about. Why? Because I believe first and prove afterwards.
The war against the divine image in man
Can the world survive on ethics devised by human reason? Well, we tried. It’s called the 20th century.
A Taste of Text—Mishpatim
What Role Does Reason Play?
Unquestioning acceptance of G‑d’s commandments does not mean that we are to perform them with mindless obedience.
How logic can bring us to belief
Understanding Our Faith
What is the true definition of faith? How does believing differ from knowing? Are there logical proofs for the belief in G‑d and in the divine origins of the Torah?
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