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R. Gershom "Light of the Diaspora"

Knowledge Base » People & Events » People » Post-Talmudic Sages » R. Gershom "Light of the Diaspora"
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(4720-4800; 960-1040)
If we were to turn back the pages of our history a thousand years, and go back to the city of Metz, in France, we would find living there the greatest scholar of that generation - Rabbenu Gershom 'Meor Hagolah' -"Light of the Exile." Rabbenu Gershom's tea...
Interestingly, I’ve never encountered an episode in the Talmud that involves a polygamous family.
The predictable stereotypes involving Jews and money are popping up all over: that Jewish tradition allows dishonesty as long as people live otherwise pious lives. Nothing could be further from the truth...
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