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Learning to “make deposits” in your child’s “emotional savings account” as a way of finding balance between being too permissive or too overbearing.
Episode XXIV: Feivel Goes Wacko
Train your heart to be mindful, even when it's going wild
Episode XXIII: Training Feivel
Take it step by step
Every child has natural born traits, some positive, some negative. As the child grows and develops, it is the parent’s sacred duty to reinforce the positive ones, and address the negative ones.
A Parenting Workshop
Education expert Shimon Waronker presents professional parenting techniques to raise your children to be responsible and sensitive with proper self-awareness.
Rabbi Yisroel Gordon’s father, Reb Yochanan Gordon, studied at the Tomchei Temimim Yeshiva in Lubavitch, Russia, in the early 1910s. His father would recall an insightful lesson he was taught by the Yeshiva’s director, the future Sixth Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef ...
Rabbi Shmuel Lew, a veteran Shliach and educator, shares a lesson he received from the Rebbe about disciplining children.
Every child has natural inborn traits, some positive, some negative. These often become apparent in the earliest stages of childhood. It is the parent’s sacred duty to caution the child against the negative ones and to teach him discipline
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