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Traveler's Prayer

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This road is not only a way of getting to where I am going, it allows me to remember how careful I must always be, and how fragile life truly is...
Known as Tefilat Haderech (“Prayer for the Way”), the traveler’s prayer is a single paragraph that we say when setting out on a journey.
Parshat Vayigash
A collection of laws that pertain to traveling. Studying while traveling, praying while traveling the Traveler’s Prayer, and more.
Yes, there is a prayer recited wherein we ask G‑d to grant us a safe and uneventful journey. Click here for the text of the prayer. See our Traveler's Companion for the laws and customs associated with this brief prayer. Some other tips for drawing specia...
The Prayer for a Safe Journey
"May it be Your will, G-d, our G-d and the G-d of our fathers, that You should lead us in peace and direct our steps in peace..."
1. It is preferable for one to pause from his travels while saying Tefilas Haderechטור או"ח סימן ק"י, מגן אברהם שם ס"ק י"א. 2. If it is not possible to stop, for instance if he is traveling on a bus or train, or if there is no place on the highway to stop...
The First Day 1. One should not say Tefilas Haderech while still in the city before starting out on the journeyמגן אברהם או"ח סימן ק"י ס"ק י"ד, משנה ברורה שם ס"ק כ"ז . 2. Tefilas Haderech should ideally be said within the first parsah after leaving the ci...
1. A person is required to say Tefilas Haderech whenever he takes a “long-distance” journey. The mode of travel is insignificant, whether by foot, animal, wagon, ship, automobile, railroad or even airplane. Even traveling on highways or by rail also invol...
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