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Division of Israel

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Classic Questions Did Re'uvain and Gad's descendants not want to join their brothers at war? What did Moshe reply? (v. 2ff.) Ramban: Moshe suspected that they were scared to fight, like the spies (see above 13:31), so he accused them of lacking trust in G...
Gad's battle victims were readily identifiable. With one fell swoop of the sword they would cut off the head together with the arm. The ability to strike such a blow is an indication of tremendous lion-like strength.
Classic Questions Did the tribe of Levi have to fight? (v. 4) Rashi: [The words] "all the tribes" come to include the tribe of Levi. Rambam: Why did the tribe of Levi not merit a portion in the Land of Israel and its spoils, as their brothers did? Because...
The tribes had put sheep first, then children. But can it then be that that they actually loved their sheep more than their children?
Sometimes the question is raised whether the Torah scholar is “escaping” from the real world.
Why the dramatic shift in Moses' view on the Jewish settlement of the eastern territories? If the Reubenites' and Gadites' petition initially struck him as reminiscent of the sin of the Spies, what convinced him to endorse their plan and even expand on it...
Had they learned nothing from the sin of the spies who, by de-motivating others through their behavior, condemned an entire generation to forty years of wandering in the desert?
The descendants of Reuben and Gad had an abundance of livestock, very numerous . . . and they spoke to Moses and to Eleazar the kohen and to the princes of the community, saying . . . “The land that the L‑rd struck down before the congregation of Israel i...
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