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The overall population of Cancun is approximately 450,000. There are an estimated 500 Jews representing 150 families living there and they are a diverse group.
The Druks have their work cut out for them as they prepare to cater to locals and tourists.
Rabbi Avraham Shalem hailed from a long line of Sephardic rabbis. In the 1960’s, after being offered two different rabbinic posts, he was conflicted as to what to do. Seeing no way to solve his dilemma on his own, he turned to the Rebbe for advice. (1960'...
Menorah-lightings, live music and holiday foods on tap for vacationers to warm-weather cities
Chabad Houses in popular vacation destinations in Mexico are getting ready for an extra-large portion of holiday travelers this year with Chanukah falling squarely on winter break. The first of eight candles will be lit on Saturday night, Dec. 24, with th...
Sivan, 5749 • June, 1989
You merited to study in renowned Yeshivos back in Europe. Now you have the great merit to bring those Torah studies “across the sea” to the Jews of Mexico.
Two Stories
A Mexican rabbi visiting Teheran; a Jew in Chittagong, Bangladesh.
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