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Sukkot: (lit. “booths”); festival of seven days (eight in the Diaspora) beginning on 15 Tishrei, taking its name from the temporary dwelling (sukkah) in which one lives during this period; this festival is marked for its special joy (“zeman simchateinu”—“time of our rejoicing”) and by the mitzvah of the four species
The seven days of Sukkot—celebrated by dwelling in the sukkah, taking the Four Kinds, and rejoicing—is the holiday when we expose ourselves to the elements in covered huts, commemorating G‑d's sheltering our ancestors as they traveled from Egypt to the Pr...
Sukkot is a Jewish holiday celebrated by taking off work, celebrating in a hut, and waving unusual bouquets. This video will give you the whole story.
The basic Sukkot observances, with links leading to more information.
Who doesn't love a full meal in one pan? It's especially helpful on Sukkot, when you can use a nice oven-to-table baking dish and bring the entire meal to the Sukkah in a single trip. Ingredients 12 chicken drumsticks 2 large tomatoes 1 large Spanish onio...
Learn the mystical understanding of the holiday of Sukkot, from the sukkah to the four kinds to the special offerings that impact the nations of the world.
The rabbi shares warm memories from his childhood preparing for the holiday of Sukkot. Experience the beauty of building your own sukkah and getting the “Four Kinds” to shake the Lulav on Sukkot.
Stuffed cabbage is traditional on Simchat Torah, but sometimes you just want the lazy version... This version is savory, but if you're looking for a sweet one, you can add half a cup of brown sugar to this and that should do it. Ingredients 1 large onion ...
A good (and substantially cheaper) substitute for first-cut brisket is a cut often labeled "top of the rib roast." It should look similar to a first-cut brisket (flat and thin) and if you're unsure, check with your butcher, since many butchers label cuts ...
A Healthier Version of the Classic
Stuffed cabbage (also called cabbage rolls), is a Simchat Torah classic. Read more about the origin of that tradition here. Many recipes are heavy on the sweetness, and my goal here was to create a version that is more savory, but still flavorful, and wit...
Warm Soup for Sukkot
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