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Cremation (15)
Proper Conduct at the Cemetery... A Holy Place... The Concepts of Kalut Rosh ("Levity") and Lo'eg Larash ("Slighting of the Dead")... Memorial Gifts...
Question: Hi, I am writing an article on cemetery gatherings, sort of like a how-to piece. I was just reading an article on the site, by Maurice Lamm, that states it is inappropriate to bring a Torah into the cemetery as well as to eat/drink there. Why wo...
Prayer at the Resting Places of Holy People
I know that sincere prayer is effective anywhere, even in one's living room. So why am I here in Rostov, Russia, the resting place of Rabbi Shalom DovBer of Lubavitch, as I write these words?
Question: I heard that there could be a problem with a pregnant woman visiting a cemetery. Is that true? Answer: There is no clause in Jewish law that forbids pregnant women from entering cemeteries. However, there seems to be a longstanding custom to avo...
Question: I don't understand why we can't visit my dad's grave until after the first yahrtzeit. My parents were married for 45 years, and my mom is understandably very sad, and would like to visit already. Answer: I'm sorry to hear about your loss. May G‑...
Whenever holiness departs, negative forces try to fill the void.
The yahrzeit is a special time to pray, remember the departed and do good deeds for the merit of the soul.
Community thanks those who donated time and money to the clean-up effort
A Jewish cemetery in St. Louis vandalized back in February—an incident that captured attention around the world—was rededicated on Sunday after an extensive restoration effort. More than 150 tombstones had been damaged at the Chesed Shel Emeth cemetery ov...
Every time a Jewish person died in Radoshitz, the body was transported to a neighboring town for burial. Not only was this highly inconvenient, it was antithetical to the Jewish sensibility to show honor to the deceased.
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