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Chassid, The

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Chassid, The: (lit. "pious"); (a) one who goes beyond the letter of the law (b) a member of the chassidic community; one who follows the ways of Chassidism and studies its teachings (c) an adherent and follower of a chassidic Rebbe
The Rebbe answered this question in a private audience with Professor David Weiss.
Professor David Weiss was issued a special passport by the Soviet Union that allowed him to reach Jews that others couldn’t. At one point, the Rebbe asked him to come for a meeting to discuss the state of Jewish affairs in the USSR. in this interview, he ...
When a chassid asked the Rebbe Rashab, “What is a chassid?” the Rebbe Rashab answered him, “A chassid is a lamplighter.” He has an obligation to ignite the spark in his fellow Jew’s G-dly soul.
My father-in-law, the Rebbe, gives a parable for what it means to be a Chabad Chasid: A miner digs deep into the ground for coal, which provides warmth and light.
A window into hasidic Jewish family life, dating, intimacy and raising children, through the prism of youthful Chabad couple, Rabbi Dovid and Chana Vigler, in conversation with Chana Weisberg.
A look at attitudes to the traditional Jewish language in groups such as Belz, Gur, Breslav and Chabad.
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