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Chassid, The

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Chassid, The: (lit. "pious"); (a) one who goes beyond the letter of the law (b) a member of the chassidic community; one who follows the ways of Chassidism and studies its teachings (c) an adherent and follower of a chassidic Rebbe
Peer under the broad black hat and learn what makes Hasidim tick
I glanced around; I had lost him already. I later discovered that he, too, was unfamiliar with the roads, but astonishingly that didn’t stop him. The gust of suspense left in his wake intrigued me...
The chassid hurried through the streets of Karlin, heading to the home of Rabbi Aharon. Suddenly a Russian policeman stood before him, blocking his path. Immediately the chassid’s hands were bound . . .
"Sixty-two years have now passed," related Reb Pesach, "since I was privileged to hear from the Rebbe, your grandfather, that Shema is Yisrael..."
An open and informative class on the relationship between Rebbe and Chassid.
"Traveling to the Rebbe gives me special powers," the chassid claimed. "I can read people's thoughts."
“The hassids are the ones with the black coats . . .” “No, no. All the Orthodox have long black coats and beards. The hassids are the ones with the wide-brimmed hats.” “No, they all wear the hats . . .”
Ethics 2:1
Follow your bliss? If it’s going to make other people like you, that’s the thing to do? Not the sort of advice you’d expect from a Talmudic sage . . .
A chassid is a mystic. A chassid is pious. A chassid is joyous. A chassid is selfless. A chassid is a revolutionary. What is the common denominator of all these traits? That a chassid lives life from the inside.
Links in the Chassidic Legacy is a collection biographical sketches of Chassidic personalites of the previous generations. Originally appeared in the columns of the student journal "Hatamim", the book takes the reader on a tour through the ages with each ...
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