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Aaron's Staff

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A lifeless staff blossoms, and a young boy astounds his listeners with a profound mystical response -- both presumably a result of being touched by holiness. What do we do when we are denied such an opportunity?
On Shabbat, Tammuz 3, 5751 (June 15, 1991), the Lubavitcher Rebbe spoke about the paradox of “natural miracles,” citing three examples of this phenomenon—one from the day’s Torah reading of Korach, and two which occurred on this date: Aaron’s blossoming s...
The Hebrew word for almond is etymologically related to the word “shaked,” which means “quick.”
Aaron personified kindness. His life’s work was the endless and vigorous promotion of peace.
Several takes on the inner dimension of the blessings of the priests
The soul of the kohen stems from the divine attribute of “abundant kindness.” In the mystical works this attribute is compared to a powerful river whose waters cannot be stemmed.
I recall hearing that there were five objects in the chamber, but I cannot remember what they were. Can you please help refresh my memory?
What’s the significance of the staff turning into a serpent, then back to a staff, and swallowing all the others in the process?
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