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Mishneh Torah (Rambam)

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Tens of thousands gathered to celebrate the 25th completion of learning Maimonides' landmark compendium of Jewish Law.
As 39th daily study cycle begins, work made more accessible by layman’s publication
For 15 years, he had kept the undertaking to himself. Very few knew of the monumental project that he had spent countless hours perfecting. But as Jews around the world mark the completion of the 38th annual study cycle of Maimionides’ Mishneh Torah, a wo...
New three-chapter-a-day study cycle starts on Sunday
Sukkahs around the world will receive a special infusion of Torah study and joy this Shabbat as hundreds of thousands will complete their annual study of the Mishneh Torah —Maimonides’ magnum opus, a compendium of all the laws of the Torah. Learning three...
Tens of thousands to mark milestone of three-year and annual cycles on Sunday
In one of the country’s smallest Jewish communities—in a breathtakingly beautiful area known for its dude ranches and ski slopes—Rabbi Chaim Bruk recruited several men to be part of a worldwide task of learning Moses Maimonides’ landmark compendium of Jew...
Events mark the 36th annual cycle of learning
Rabbi Yossi Lew clearly remembers the excitement of 33 years ago when he opened up to the first chapter Maimonides’ Mishneh Torah. It was the spring of 1984, and he was a 19-year-old student at the Chabad yeshivah in Johannesburg. Word had arrived that th...
Broadcast live at 8 p.m. EST tonight on Jewish.tv.
Hundreds of thousands of people around the world will finish learning the Mishneh Torah today—Maimonides’ magnum opus, a compendium of all the laws of the Torah. Learning three chapters a day, it took these dedicated learners the better part of the past y...
Three-year study of Maimonides’ Mishneh Torah to be completed on Dec. 14
It’s harvest season in Sakon Nakhon, 500 miles from Bangkok, Thailand, so Zevulun Brewer has been spending 10 to 12 hours a day driving his tractor up and down his three fields, hoping to bring back 15 tons of rice. But that doesn’t mean he can’t squeeze ...
Rabbi Yehoshua B. Gordon shares some thoughts on teaching the entire Mishneh Torah online
In the summer of 2009, Rabbi Yehoshua B. Gordon sat down to give a class in the tastefully appointed Chabad center—Chabad of the Valley in Encino, Calif.—that he had founded with his wife, Deborah, in 1973. It was a class like any other, except that there...
Completing the classic 1,000-chapter tome in a year
New annual cycle of study begins Tuesday, Feb. 5
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