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Abba Chilkiah

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Abba Chilkiah: (Circa 3rd century) Grandson of Honi Hame'aggel. His prayers were known to be highly effective; during droughts, the rabbis would ask him to pray for rain.
The "Rain Maker"
Now that the rainy season has begun (in Eretz Yisroel the first rains called Yoreh begin to fall in the month of Mar-Cheshvan), let us tell you the story of Abba Chilkiah, the "Rain-maker," which the Talmud (Taanith 23 a-b) tells us. We call him the "Rain...
The Wife of Abba Chilkiyah
A story of a woman whose prayers were miraculously answered.
An Essay on Vayeira
Before facing the trial of love for his own child, Abraham was forced to ask, “Where is my whole world? Where is my whole concept of justice? Where is my morality?” At the Akeidah, Abraham sacrifices not only his son’s body but his own soul.
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