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Sages of the Talmud

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The Jews in Exile
After the recording of the Mishnah came the era of the sages known as the Amoraim, whose discussion became the basis of the Talmud.
What is Talmud? When was it compiled and why? How does it differ from Mishnah?
(circa 4098-4187)
Our Sages used to say: "Ere the sun set upon one great Sage, the sun rose upon another." Thus they said also in the following case: "Ere the sun set upon Rava (when he passed away), the sun rose upon Rav Ashi (on his birth)." In other words: Before Rava d...
Every Jewish boy who has learned Gemora, is familiar with the names of Rav and Shmuel - the two great Amoraim, who were colleagues. They lived at the time of the first generation of Amoraim and carried on with the two great Yeshivoth (Torah Academies) of ...
When the great sage Rabbah lectured in Talmudic law he would always begin with a joke. But why? After all, his students were dedicated scholars ready to receive his teachings with full concentration...
Ethics 1:4
Quickly, he took off his coat, and stuffed it into the hole. The water stopped for a while, but shortly it began dripping once more. Soon, the hole would again open up!
Whenever a very difficult question arose, the “Holy Jew” would concentrate very deeply, often remaining steeped in his thoughts for half an hour or more, until the answer came to him . . .
"And these are the laws (Mishpatim) which you shall set before them" (Exodus 21:1) With the expression "set before them" (rather than "teach them") G-d emphasized that Moses should not merely teach the Torah's laws to the people once, in cursory fashion. ...
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