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Joy; Happiness

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Simchah (joy) is a bulldozer that can break through barriers, but depression can lead to apathetic paralysis. In the chassidic way of life, “Serve G-d with joy” is not just an adage but the living agenda of a chassid. Just imagine two wrestlers fighting i...
The highest happiness is bringing happiness to others.
Shavuos and Simchas Torah: Two Approaches Shavuos and Simchas Torah are both devoted to deepen­ing our appreciation of the Torah. The celebrations of these two holidays, however, differ dramatically. Shavuos is charac­terized by a sober increase in Torah ...
Why does the Torah Remain Closed? All reserve disappears in the exuberant dancing of Sim­chas Torah. Every Jew feels a natural desire to take a Torah scroll in his arms and celebrate. Hidden resources of joy, energies which we did not know we possessed, s...
Describing the joy of the Rebbe is something like describing the majesty of the Rocky Mountains to a prairie dweller. We think of happiness as all the outer trappings of smiley faces and the “having-a-good-time” look. But what we saw on the Rebbe was an i...
Genuine joy comes from profound spiritual awareness on life and an absolute clarity of direction, living for a purpose. The Chassidic Approach to Joy explores the mystical depths of one's soul as well as the universe at large, on the well-traveled path to...
Worry leaves no room for life. Be simple and open to heaven's downpour.
The true meaning of HAPPINESS that is not dependent on your mood
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