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Joy; Happiness

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The Psalmist enjoins us: “serve G-d with joy.” How does one attain true happiness according to the Torah?
Joy is not a Mitzvah, but it is a foundation for all Mitzvot. Discover the whats, the whys and even some hows of this important principle.
Purim is a festival of boundless joy, but being happy doesn’t always come so naturally. How do we achieve real Simcha—true happiness?
A Good Joke is more than a Laughing Matter
Is Judaism somber? Are Rabbis stern? This revealing lecture shatters old myths and uncovers the mystical powers found only in levity. Discover why comedy has always been an integral part of Torah tradition. Because clowning around can be serious business…
Why are joy and happiness so critical in our service of G-d and our relationships? What’s the connection between joy and love and between joy and light?
Keeping a positive attitude, based on chapter 26 of the Tanya.
The Power of Joy
In the mystical tradition, joy is considered to be one of the most potent forces in existence. Joy has the ability to unlock stores of treasure, and break all barriers. In this lesson we look at the role joy plays both in our relationships and in our day-...
Life’s Turbulence
Life certainly has its fair share of ups and downs. One minute things are going well, the next, perhaps not so much. We usually chalk it up to life just being unexpected, unpredictable and volatile. In this lesson we explore Kabbalistic wisdom on the sour...
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