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Joy; Happiness

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Be Happy!
For a joyful person, the toughest tasks are a cinch, the strongest adversaries easily vanquished . . .
When you’re going about your regular day, it’s easy to forget G-d and let the ego come roaring in.
Take advantage of the roller coaster of life
Life is a roller coaster. Everything is moving, everything is pulsating. Become small, receive life, and then shine.
Question: For years, I’ve suffered failure and disappointment again and again. Now, my doctor sent me to a psychiatrist who gave me a diagnosis of clinical depression. I’m taking medication, which helps, and some CBT therapy twice a week. Also exercise. B...
Some say G‑d created the world so we could party. It’s only half true. He created it so He could party with us. Which is basically the idea of a mitzvah . . .
Eve, Noah, Sarah and the Key to Letting Go
It’s a simple solution and no big secret, yet for all of history we’ve done all we can to avoid it.
—How the ego conflicts with true joy
We may be somewhat surprised to discover that not only is there no conflict between the two, but in truth happiness and humility make a marvelous pair.
The Baal Shem Tov's Revolutionary Approach to Joy
From the very inception of chassidism, in fact, perpetual joy was one of the primary distinguishing characteristics of the chassid.
Are you really happy, or just resigned to your lot? I'd love to meet the person who'd honestly say, "My fantasy life? I'm living it! I can't imagine a thing I'd want to change!"
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