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A Kabbalah lecture that opens with a joke
A Kabbalah lecture that opens with a joke
Whenever one person attains a "success" -- a barrier surmounted, a limit exceeded -- a subliminal message is sent through the ether of space, creating a subconscious awareness and potential in everyone else
Somewhere there is a boundary, a line that separates the near from the far, the within from the without. If you can straddle that line, if you can stand with one foot inside and the other foot outside, you can be both
"By removing the boundaries between a parent and a child," some parents say, "we will bring up a more confident and loving child." Do your child a favor and don't accept their advice
On the personal, cosmic and spiritual significance of the Torah's kilayim (anti-hybridization) laws
Every verse in the Torah is meant to be understood on many levels. When we look deeper into this verse, we can learn lessons that apply to all of us, even to someone who doesn’t own a house.
Is it true that love is the best medicine?
So, what is the salt in our lives? It is the discipline. It is the rigidity. It is the boundaries and borders that are so very necessary. In small doses...
I learned that if a child wants something and we can’t let them have it, we can’t be vague about it, because with children there are no gray areas. Unless it’s absolutely forbidden, it’s permitted....
On what basis did Pinchas kill the offenders?
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