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Faith; Belief in G-d

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A Series Of Essays On Fundamental Principles Of Faith
We all believe in G-d. Some of us know that we do. Some of us refuse to admit it. Others who profess to believe are vague as to what they believe in. These essays probe to the core of some of the essential issues of Jewish faith and provide explanations b...
Sixty years on, people still ask the same questions – Where was G–d during the Holocaust? How can you believe in G–d after the Holocaust? If G–d is just and righteous how could He allow the Holocaust to happen? Why didn’t G–d perform miracles during the H...
“Prove to me that G–d exists” is a challenge as old as religion itself. Religion is defined as a belief in the existence of a superhuman controlling power, and when we give Judaism as our religion our belief in G–d is axiomatic. Yet so many Jews still que...
אין הקב"ה בא בטרוניא
G-d does not make tyrannical and unreasonable demands.
The power of FAITH and how it can enhance your life
Likkutei Sichos, Volume 36, Shemot
When Jews who felt distress and challenge would turn to their Rebbe, the Rebbe imparted the inner strength, hope, and security that empowered them to overcome the obstacles they faced from within and without.
Lech Lecha
Even when we are experiencing our personal famines, our relationship with G‑d is still present and accessible.
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