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Faith; Belief in G-d

Knowledge Base » G-d and Man » Faith; Belief in G-d
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How AA’s Twelve Steps Can Help You
The Twelve Step Program is one of the most successful self-help models in existence, so successful, in fact, that it has been modified and adapted by other groups. What is it that makes this program so versatile?
After reading this brave boy's words, I couldn't help but wonder: how could such a young boy demonstrate this inner fortitude in a moment of so much anguish?
Musings on the Haitian Earthquake
For many a person of faith, the earthquake triggered a personal spiritual upheaval. A tragedy of such unthinkable proportions raises theological questions. Why does G-d allow such suffering?
Dudu shared with us this special story: More than half a century ago, a young woman who was in her late stages of pregnancy was devastated to hear her doctor's verdict. "You must terminate the pregnancy," he sternly warned...
Every night at exactly 12:00, my grandfather would become very excited. He would wake me, saying, "Shtei uf, Chavale! Wake up, Chavale...!"
Torah's message is infinity; everywhere, all the time and in all matters. We do not aspire merely to "fixed incomes," or fixed anything else...
Tragedy in Mumbai
I assumed that once my son would hear of the terrible murders, he would be filled with questions and doubt. And, my young but intelligent son did have questions. Many questions. And sad questions.
Realness. Authenticity. Sincerity. Are these all lost qualities in our day and age?
It's me again. Down here. This tiny fleck, in the huge vastness of Your universe. Me asking You, once again, to fulfill my needs. My wants.
Do the standard answers no longer sound so profound, nor so true? Do the questions at times seem stronger than the answers?
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