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Chase, David

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Visionary helped spur Chabad-Lubavitch growth, was the Rebbe’s ‘four-star general’
David Chase, a Holocaust survivor, businessman and philanthropist who led many important charitable efforts for the Chabad-Lubavitch movement, and who served at times as a personal representative of the Lubavitcher Rebbe—Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of r...
In 1989, someone suggested that I visit Poland, my birthplace, where sixty members of my family were murdered.
The Rebbe requests a birthday gift. A lively correspondence ensues.
17 Sivan, 5750 · June 10, 1990
Mr. David Chase visits the Rebbe before visiting Poland. "Spread good news to both Jews and non-Jews, for a Jew is obliged to benefit all people. Don't underestimate your appointment — I appointed you long ago as my Four Star General."
17 Elul, 5748 · August 30, 1988
Mr. David Chase, Chairman of the Machne Israel Development Fund, invites the Rebbe to the groundbreaking for the expansion of 770. The Rebbe says: “I will attend if you will say some words in Yiddish - your mother-tongue. That will be a good start for the...
5 Tishrei, 5748 • September 28, 1987
You will certainly show an example that I have been successful in teaching, because my pupils, my followers, are doing even more than their teacher asked of them.
Early 1990s
In 1990, Mr. David Chase opened the Solidarity-Chase Bank in Poland, one of the first private financial institutions there after communist rule. He received personal instructions from the Rebbe about rebuilding Jewish life in Poland and improving Polish a...
Mr. David Chase shares how one little request from the Rebbe changed his entire life — and the lives of others.
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