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Bnei Noah

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Bnei Noah: Lit., "Sons of Noah." The halachic term for non-Jews. (See Noah)
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A rabbi speaks to a non-Jewish group about Judaism's message to all humankind -- the Seven Noahide Laws.
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An in-depth analysis of the commandment to honor one's parents. To what extent must one go? What if a parent instructs one to break a law?
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In the book of Eicha – authored by Jeremiah the prophet – the letter Lamed in the verse “Let it not befall you...” is written small. This symbolizes Jeremiah's role, and by extension every Jew, to be a light unto the nations.
20 Menachem Av, 5745 · August 7, 1985
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Physicist, Domenico Lepore, is a non-Jew who has been inspired by the Rebbe's teachings and leadership to develop a new system for business success.
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