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Drugs; Narcotics

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Smoking (9)
I have strayed far away from the hard drugs I once took, and feel that marijuana is a safe way for me to indulge myself from time to time.
I've heard that certain tribes used various narcotic substances to help achieve a mystic state. Is there room for this in Jewish practice?
Rabbi, marijuana is a plant. Since when does a plant need to be certified kosher?
I was wondering how the Jewish, and especially chassidic, mystical teachings would regard marijuana as a way of getting closer to G‑d.
The late 1970s saw the rise of drugs in Israel’s school system. Dr. Eliezer Shmueli served as Director General of Israel’s Ministry of Education at that time.
Can a person still be the master over himself when involved with drugs and other addictive substances?
The Drug Dealer Who Found a New Addiction
Yakov Baruchman was on the verge of making the deal of a lifetime. Yakov trusted himself, an expert judge of character, a king of his own underworld that extended from an appliance store in Tel Aviv to the alleys of Amsterdam. The guys drove up in the car...
Research shows that 80% of children enter first grade with a sense of self-worth, and twelve years later, 80% leave high school feeling defective and inferior. The Victory Technique is the only way to "immunize" our children...
The murky world of addictive narcotics can be dangerous. Yet some spiritualists maintain that it is necessary for the release of one’s inner soul and spirit, and it is the only way to experience a transcendental sense of spiritual consciousness. Is that t...
Shmuel Abramson works in special education and lives in Monsey, New York. As a college student in the mid-1970s, he began to re-connect to his Jewish heritage. After getting engaged to his wife-to-be, he and his fiancé went to the Rebbe to seek a blessing...
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