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Shabbat Meals

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Now, his feeding tube has taken the place of chewing and savoring the taste of many foods—but primarily, the taste of Shabbat and love.
Artist’s Statement: A woman covers her eyes with her hands and says the blessing over the Shabbat candles. Her hands are shaped like doves to represent welcoming peace and the Shechinah into her house. The drawing is made using the text of Eishet Chayil, ...
By Raiza Malka Gilbert
Artist’s Statement: One of the mitzvot specific to Jewish women is challah. Depicted here is a small girl watching her mother make challah for Shabbat. She is learning and taking her first steps in understanding what it means to be a Jewish woman.
By Yitzchok Moully
Artist’s Statement: “My Cup Runneth Over” is a familiar expression quoted from Torah. And indeed it is true—at least for my life. All we need to do is look around and count our blessings, to see all the wonderful things G‑d has provided for us and the gre...
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