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Shabbat Meals

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Based on Zohar Shemot 261B
Fortunate is the portion of whoever knows how to arrange the praises of his Master in the proper place. Up to this place [until one completes the third Amidah blessing "Atah Kadosh"] there is devotion, blessings, and sanctification as one with t...
Based on Zohar Shemot 189B
Rabbi Yossi opened his discourse with the verse: "Like the rose among thorns, so is my beloved among the maidens" (Song of Songs 2:2). G-d wanted to make the children of Israel as a reflection of the above, so that they would be one rose on the earth like...
Based on Zohar Shemot 182A
Rabbi Yehuda began by saying: "Cease [contact]from a man whose breath be in his nostrils ". (Isaiah 2:22) [What kind of person is this verse referring to; doesn't every man breathe?] Here, G-d has commanded man and cautions him to guard himself from those...
Based on Zohar Shemot 123B
[Here is] another explanation for, "And all things that I have said to you, be mindful of." Rabbi Yehuda began [his discourse] by saying, "Hear, My people, and I will testify about you...there shall be no foreign god among you...I am the L-...
The meaning behind the laws and customs we observe at the Shabbat table.
A detailed presentation of many of the halachot surrounding the mitzvah of Kiddush.
The custom to eat less at the third meal of Shabbat, seudah shelishit, and its mystical significance according to Kabbalah.
In the Friday night Kiddush we begin with the words “The sixth day”; why do we mention the 6th day when sanctifying the Shabbat, the seventh day? Join us to analyze the very essence of the ritual of Kiddush.
Transliteration Yom Ha-shi-shi. Va-y'chu-lu Ha-sha-ma-yim v'ha-a-retz, v'chowl ts'va-am. va-y'chal e-lo-him ba-yom ha-sh'vi-i, m'lach-to a-sher a-sa va-yish-bot ba-yom ha-sh'vi-i, mi-kolm'lach-to a-sher a-sa. va-y'va-rech e-lo-him et yom ha-sh'vi-i, va-y'...
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