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Theory of Evolution

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Genesis, Darwin and Life in Two Worlds
A new science that sees consciousness not as an epiphenomenon, but as a building block of existence
It's more than a question of which theory or theology is more convincing. Beliefs have consequences
Question: I always get conflicting answers regarding the theory of evolution and Judaism. Could you clarify? Response: If you are getting conflicting answers, that’s most likely because you are asking Jews. Like they say, for every two Jews there are thre...
In the traditional view of the Bible, the world is a mere five and a half thousand years old and was created in six days. Surely modern science proves that the world is billions of years old and man evolved through a process of evolution, thus laying to r...
The Jewish View on the Age Old Question
The Kabbalists describe a hierarchy of being, starting with an Ultimate Source which transcends the whole system of being and not-being, and working down through a systematic, interlinked chain (“evolution”) of multiple universes that terminate at our roc...
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