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Theory of Evolution

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Darwin's theory of evolution from a Torah perspective
The Rabbi and the Scientist
The scientific view on evolution and creation and the way religious people (including those of other religions, as well) view evolution; Also a look at what proofs each side has.
Introduction It is commonly believed that Darwin's Theory of Evolution has disproved the Biblical account of creation in general, and individual creation of species in particular. The result is that many reject the truth of Torah because they are convince...
In the traditional view of the Bible, the world is a mere five and a half thousand years old and was created in six days. Surely modern science proves that the world is billions of years old and man evolved through a process of evolution, thus laying to r...
Professor Daniel Friedmann discusses modern science’s view on the age of the universe and evolution together with his understanding of Torah.
The Jewish View on the Age Old Question
The Kabbalists describe a hierarchy of being, starting with an Ultimate Source which transcends the whole system of being and not-being, and working down through a systematic, interlinked chain (“evolution”) of multiple universes that terminate at our roc...
Recently, renewing wedding vows is very much in vogue. The name seems to imply that eventually marriage becomes stale and musty -- which leaves the couple with two options: trash it, or "renew" it. What is the Jewish take on this new trend?
Upholding the permissibility of the Creation account in Bereishis on scientific grounds "based on my years of scientific study, first at the University of Berlin, and later at Paris."
My opinion is, as stated in the Torah, that during the Six Days of Creation, G‑d created the Four Kingdoms (minerals, vegetation, animal and man) independently of each other. However, this Creation does not deny possibility of evolution after that of part...
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