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A more precise translation of the Hebrew word kadosh would be "transparency"
A word widely used, but what does it actually mean? Various translations are given, including, "holy", "sanctified" and "separate". Which is most accurate?
Kedoshim Parshah Report
Gefilte fish, master of relaxation and the art of meditation, teaches us how to be Holy, breath deeply, and scream at our friends... Hey, are we missing something?
In the Jewish vernacular we hear phrases such as "the Holy Shabbat" or "the Holy Torah"; but what is "holiness"?
Monosim: Is there anything apart from G-d. Do we exist? How can we actualize monism?
Something Spiritual on Parshat Kedoshim
The inner principle of celibacy is self-removal from the temptations and distractions of mundane daily life for the sake of a pursuit of holiness. According to the Torah, however, the holiest of holy possibilities is to be found precisely in the most mund...
As the soul fills the body, G-d fills the world (Tanya Ch. 51)
You may have wondered, if G-d is everywhere, what does it mean to be distant or close to G-d? Here’s a clue: when you hurt your toe, where does it hurt, in your toe or in your mind?
Something Spiritual on Parshat Kedoshim
Growing Weekly: Parshat Acharei-Kedoshim
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