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What is the Jewish stance on cursing and curse words? I’ve heard the line that our bodies are a temple, and that defaming G‑d’s name is very bad, but what about a little curse here or there when you are really mad?
Holiness is overrated, Kedushah is not
The things that are kodesh, "holy," are the ordinary events and stuff of life; remaining so, but separated from undesirable elements that would dilute and weaken them.
Why all this self-restraint? Why not just enjoy oneself, especially if one isn't transgressing any law? What is the problem?
Is it the mystic in the mountains, the monk in the monastery, or the guru in the garage? Judaism is certainly rich in spirituality; but how would it define 'holy'?
Hearing only half a conversation and drawing conclusions can be dangerous.
The very fact that G‑d decided that you should be born and placed you in this world with a mandate of Torah and mitzvot means that He has great belief in you.
We thus have three concepts: holiness, respect for parents and the Shabbat. These three ideas tell us something about the fundamental purpose and nature of the Jewish people . . .
An Essay on Parshat Kedoshim
It is not for naught that the parshah is called Parshat Kedoshim. Holiness is undoubtedly a central motif in the parshah, throughout which expressions connected with holiness repeatedly recur. This holiness, however, has a surprising aspect. In books that...
Kedoshim Parshah Report
Gefilte fish, master of relaxation and the art of meditation, teaches us how to be Holy, breath deeply, and scream at our friends... Hey, are we missing something?
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