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Mishkan, The (Tabernacle)

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Mishkan, The (Tabernacle): a) the tabernacle or temporary Sanctuary in which the Divine Presence dwelled during the Jews’ journeys through the desert; b) the portion of the tabernacle and the Temple building before the Holy of Holies which contained the inner altar, the table for the showbread, and the menorah
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"The Tabernacle was based precisely on the totality of what the people have inside them, on each person’s generosity and capacity for giving: the small and the great, the rich and the generous. From the combination of all of them together, from top to bot...
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Likkutei Sichos, Vol. XVI, p. 475ff. I. After the Torah describes the erection of the Sanctuary in detail,Shmos 40:17ff. it relates that the Divine Presence rested upon the Sanctuary, as it is written:Ibid.:34. “And the cloud covered the Tent of Meeting a...
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