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Freedom of Choice

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Freedom of Choice: Free choice. The principle according to which every individual is empowered to make unconstrained moral decisions and hence be held accountable for his or her conduct, be it good or evil.
At first glance the answer seems simple enough. After all, did we not receive the Torah precisely because angels cannot sin? As Moses retorted in his winning argument to the angels during his epic debate in heaven over who should receive the Torah. "It is...
Question: I have no problem believing that everything in the Torah is true. I just have a problem doing it. The temptations are too great and I'm tired of fighting with them. The enthusiasm I had when I took all this on has long burned out. To be blunt, I...
My name is Yael and I am 9 years old. I have a question for you: Why does G-d set us challenges if he knows our future? And if we do the wrong thing how can he be mad with us?
From what I've read, it seems like we will automatically do the right thing. And without any decisions to make, won't life be pretty boring?
This is not a question about why people choose to do evil or why evil is visited on the innocent. It is a broader question. Why did G‑d create evil and what purpose does it serve?
I feel that I cannot observe a religion if I am not certain that it is true. Is there a proof that could give me a 100% certainty that G-d exists and gave the Torah to the Jewish people?
The Question that Everyone Asks
Three classical approaches to the paradox of divine knowledge and human choice in the light of chassidic philosophy
Who would you help? What punishments would you mete out? How would you handle this awesome responsibility?
Question: I have a problem understanding the concept of G‑d knowing the future. If He knows that someone is going to choose good over evil or vice versa, then how does the human being's free will fit in the picture? Answer: You are in good company. Many o...
Don’t eat dairy together with meat. Don’t wear a mixture of wool and linen. Don’t turn on a light on Shabbat. Don’t gossip… Is this what religion is all about?
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