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Good and Evil

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Kelipah (114)
G-d is good and it is the nature of G-d to be good. So why did G-d create evil? Why do we live in a world which is full of injustice and where the wicked have the upper hand? Classical Jewish philosophy answers these timeless questions by stating that bec...
Is it necessary to have the shackles of religious observance to be a good Jew or, for that matter, a good person? There are thousands of Jews who are good, moral and decent human beings, yet non-observant.
In this world there is no beauty without ugliness. Embrace the beauty.
There are 50 Gates of Understanding. Then there is Purim.
In this swamp of confusion, darkness becomes evil, for it entraps the light. When we tug to fissure their bond, an iron resistance opposes us. In the final release, a burst of energy shakes the cosmos....
The faces of terror have become so diverse and the acts of atrocity so creative and bold, and all the while they are striking closer and closer to home, making us wonder: “Are we truly safe anywhere? Are the forces of evil gaining the upper hand? Is our w...
More than just a form of poetic justice, rebuilding in the place where there was destruction also has great spiritual significance and benefit.
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