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Good and Evil

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Kelipah (114)
What’s really hiding under the ugly face of darkness?
There’s only one way to transform the ugliest, nastiest, darkest gunk of this world: by letting it make you stronger. That’s when you’ve ripped off its mask . . .
It's hard to know for sure, since foreign reporters have been banned from Iran, but the protest seems to have been cruelly crushed, at least for now. This is an ominous development. But there is a silver lining...
Tragedy in Mumbai
We are left with questions--heavy, unbearable and haunting questions. But if we succumb to doubt, pain and immobility, we give greater power to the evil around us...
Ready for a quiz? I selected a few quotes from recent campaign speeches by the two presidential candidates. Can you guess who said what?
Recent events have me thinking: What is a Jewish approach with respect to evil regimes? The story of Passover seems to offer enlightenment in this area...
Thoughts on the Blagojevich Scandal
Here in Illinois, coupled with the disgust, is an inverse sense of pride at the history of our elected officials' audacity. The upshot is: "That's the way it was, is and forever will be; we might as well laugh at it."
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