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No scores should be kept (teaches inequality). Remove the goal posts (encourages short-term, selfish-oriented behavior), and put all the kids on one team...
“Rebbe, I don’t understand,” the disciple asked. “When you were here, your prayers protected us. But now that you are in heaven—and your spiritual power is even greater—all these terrible things are happening . . .”
The prophet Jeremiah proclaims: “From the Supernal One’s word there cannot emerge both evil and good” (Lamentations 3:38). Indeed, if G‑d is the essence of good, can there be evil in His work?
In choosing recovery over active addiction, we are not battling between two equal opposing forces. It's nothing more than a choice that exists in order to give meaning to our lives as sober people.
"Blessing" is a very important word. So is "Curse", "You" and "Today". But the most important word in the sentence is the three-letter verb that opens the parshah: "See"
There is good and there is evil, blessing and curse, light and darkness; now choose. Not much of a choice, is it? So what's all this talk about "freedom of choice"?
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