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Kitniyot (Legumes)

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Kitniyot (Legumes): Ashkenazi Jews refrain from eating kitniyot (legumes) on Passover. This prohibition includes rice, beans, peanuts and corn, as well as other items.
Know Thy Beans: Kitniyot in the Modern World
Kitniyot Are Not Chametz The basic laws of Pesach are that one may not eat nor own any chametz (leavened bread) and one must eat matzah (unleavened bread) on the first night. By definition, both chametz and matzah hail from the five major grains: wheat, r...
Examining the prohibition of eating 'Kitniyot' (legumes) on Passover
Examining the background of the kitniyot prohibition. Why it was accepted by Ashkenazic Jewry but not Sephardic Jewry. Looking at how the third Chabad Rebbe, the Tzemach Tzedek sourced this prohibition.
How can it be that one group of Jews can eat rice on Passover and another group can't? Aren't we all part of the same religion?
Question: Must 100% pure honey be certified kosher for Passover? How about the rest of the year? Why? Answer: Although 100% pure honey does not require kosher certification during the year, I have seen that the Star-K recommends that only honey that is ce...
During the holiday of Passover, the Torah prohibits us from owning or consuming any foods which are chametz or which contain it. Chametz is any food product made of wheat, barley, rye, oats or spelt, or their derivatives, which has leavened (risen) or fer...
Part 2
What types of foods are permissible on Passover and which do some people refrain from eating based on their traditions and customs. (Please note: This recording is from many years ago, hence some product info may not be the same today)
Firstly, I'd like to note that any food product -- with the exception of fresh and unprocessed fruit and vegetables -- must have reliable kosher for Passover certification in order to be eaten on Passover. Even if the food item itself contains no chametz,...
Would they be included in the kitniyot ban?
On Passover, Jews of Ashkenazic descent (and some Sefardic communities as well) do not eat anything that is considered “kitniyot.” Does this include the peanut?
The primary component of falafel is chickpeas (or fava beans), which are included in the general class of kitniyot, foods that Ashkenazim (and some Sephardim) may not eat on Passover.
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