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Havdalah Candle

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In the course of Havdalah we sniff at aromatic spices and gaze at a braided candle. What are the reasons for these practices, and how exactly are they done?
The story of the havdalah candle goes back to the very first Shabbat in history
Question: I have always been fascinated by the havdalah ceremony, which marks the transition from Shabbat to the weekday. I know that we make a blessing on a special havdalah candle, but I never had the courage to ask why. What’s up with the flame? Reply:...
The basic reason is that one should be close enough to the flame's light to benefit from it.
Actually there is an opinion in the Mishna, Beit Shammai, that says that the blessing should be “he who created the illumination of fire.” The version that we use is that of Beit Hillel. The Talmud explains that the plural “illuminations” alludes to the v...
Hillel and Shammai were two great sages of the Talmudic era, known for their opposing views on nearly every issue under the sun. From the proper way to dance before a bride to how best to set a table, we will study the views of these incredible figures th...
Question: I'm all confused. How many candles do I need to light before Yom Kippur and why am I lighting them? Response: On Yom Kippur we light (1) candles in honor of the holiday, (2) candles in honor of our deceased parents, (3) candles in the synagogue,...
The Candles of Chanukah, Shabbat, and Havdalah
As the Chassidim say, a little light drives out much darkness.
One must be careful to direct the great spiritual potential invested in one's hands.
One must be careful to direct the great spiritual potential invested in one's hands.
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