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A few months after its creation, Napoleon's "Sanhedrin" (rabbinical supreme court) was dissolved. The Sanhedrin was created to approve certain religious regulations requested by the French "Assembly of Notables." The regulations were designed to blur the ...
Rabbi Chaim Shneur Nisenbaum recalls his visit from France to Brooklyn to spend the High Holidays with the Rebbe, and the surprise that awaited him and his entire group. (1973)
Replete with Jewish history, the island is the final French frontier, according to rabbi
Every few weeks, Rabbi Levi Pinson takes the ferry from Corsica to Nice. It’s much quicker by plane, about 45 minutes, but Pinson needs to bring his car along so he can cram it with kosher food on the way back. If you drew a line along the French-Italian ...
Auschwitz Holocaust survivor Freddie Knoller
Auschwitz survivor Freddie Knoller shares his amazing story of survival, including how the Gestapo in Paris thought he was a German and hired him as a translator. (Many viewers may find details described to be extremely disturbing. Viewer discretion advis...
In the course of a fight with a Christian fisherman, a Jew dealt him a blow which led to his death. The infuriated Christians of Narbonne, France, started rioting and attacking the Jewish community. The governor of Narbonne, Don Aymeric, quickly intervene...
1935 - 1939
By the mid 1930s Paris was home to increasing numbers of East European Jews and refugees from the threat of Nazism and there was growing pressure on R. Menachem Mendel to play a more public role.
As the climate in Berlin became increasingly anti-Semitic, Rabbi Menachem Mendel and his wife decided to move to Paris.
Rabbi in neighborhood where attacks took place urges faith and resolve
Jewish communities and individuals around the world expressed their solidarity, support and prayers for the French people on Saturday evening after a series of coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday night killed 129 people and injured more than ...
In 1947 Rabbi Menachem Mendel returned to Paris, there to be reunited with his mother, Rebbetzin Chana. It was two decades since they had last seen each other.
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