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Four Kingdoms

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Four Kingdoms: Inanimate, vegetation, animal kingdom, and human life.
The Jewish Take on Body, Soul and Resurrection
In the beginning of time, G-d blows a soul into a body of clay and thus creates man. So, too, will it be at the end of time. Join Rabbi Kaplan as he expounds upon this wondrous fusion of body and soul.
Why does man gain sustenance from lower life forms?
Likkutei Sichos, Vol. VI, p. 107ff. I. “And on the third day, when it was morning, there were sounds (Kolos) and lightning; and there was a heavy cloud on the mountain. And the sound (Kol) of the shofar [resounded] very powerfully... And the sound (Kol) o...
Two cows, they were, sharing a paddock on the same farm . . .
Finding mindfulness in eating and in friendships
What do keeping kosher and love for every Jew have in common? How can we elevate our eating experiences to become G-dly? How can we build stronger connections with other fellow Jews?
Only man’s deeds have true significance. The industry of the ant or the faithfulness of the dove are no more “moral” than the cruelty of the cat or the deviousness of the snake. This explains why Rosh Hashanah commemorates Day Six of creation...
The tree’s greatest benefit is the fruit it produces; man’s greatest hallmark is the fruit of his intellect—the knowledge being absorbed by his emotions to create the proper feelings, and then actions.
The encounter between Judah and Joseph—a Kabbalistic perspective.
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