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Four Elements

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Four Elements: The four basic elements of creation: fire, wind, water, earth.
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To clarify further: Concealed within each thing is its antithesis; each of the essence-powers (i.e., essential faculties) has its antithesis incorporated within it. This is so by virtue of its essence (atzmus), which is of a higher level than even the ess...
We don’t celebrate Chanukah with a seudah, because the whole story of Chanukah is focusing on a totally spiritual concept. The war with Haman was a physical war. Haman wanted to eradicate the Jews. Because it was a war relating to physical things, the Pur...
In order to better understand the above discussion of how the kelipah of Midian is the antithesis and antagonist of the Name Havayah, one must first understand the concept of unity inherent in the Name Havayah. The difference between the Name Havayah and ...
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