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Euthanasia; "Quality of Life"

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Euthanasia in Halacha. An in-depth class on the philosophical background of Judaism's opposition to this practice.
Rabbi Steinsaltz discusses the question of whether we may terminate the life of a suffering, dying patient in order to relieve him of his pain. He states that we must attempt to save life even when there is great uncertainty that there is a life to be sav...
Rabbi Steinsaltz states that murder of a “Treifah” (someone who is expected to die within 12 months) is technically viewed as manslaughter and not true murder, for the treifah isn't considered fully alive when killed. The Rabbi then defines the category o...
Historic roots and current directions in bioethics
Leveling a critique at widely accepted principles of medical ethics, Professor Glick argues that medical ethics cannot be based only on biology or philosophy, but on the “sanctity of human life." (A Professor David Sevel Memorial Lecture)
Medical Ethics and the End of Life
In 2005 a law was passed in Israel regulating the treatment of dying patients. Its most controversial aspect was the distinction it makes between withholding therapy (which it allows) and withdrawing continuous therapy (which it does not allow). Prof. Cha...
A Jewish Perspective on Euthanasia
Based on case studies and personal experience, a Jewish clinician takes a practical look at the arguments both for and against euthanasia and how they square with the ethics of Torah.
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